GOnJOY Chatbot

GOnJOY is one of the chatbot using artificial intelligence chatbot in the field of food and entertainment hints. Not only does GonJoy help the service providers reach a large number of potential customers but GOnJOY Chatbot also helps collect information and build loyalty program.


Features of GOnJOY Chatbot

Support marketing

Chatbot suggests thousands of places. Just one click away from you


Joy is a powerful, interactive social media chatbot who allows you to drive sales to your business using cutting edge artificial intelligence technology.

Step 1: Search for “GOnJOY” on Facebook Messenger

Step 2: Click Start

Step 3: Discover the feature buttons and chat about thousands of culinary themes

Follow these 3 steps to get promotion codes:

Step 1: Inbox Chatbot GOnJOY, select [Joy gift]

Step 2: Choose the promotion you want then get the QR code

Step 3: Go to the restaurant/ coffee shop and show the code to staff

When you find your favorite restaurant, press the heart button at the main interface or double-click the image to store it in the favorite list.

GOnJOY supports table reservations with very simple steps.

Just click on the shop image. Select [Book a Table] in the right corner of the screen and fill in the information. To view the menu, please press the [Menu] button in the left corner of the screen.