Joy Provider Chatbot

Not only can the Chatbot give information about menu, address and promotions but GOnJOY also offers an virtual assistant who can replace your employees answering customer questions, suggesting amenities and tourism destinations in the area.

Features of Joy Provider Chatbot

Faster – Better

Messenger autobot responds to any messages your fanpage 24/7


Through the Joy Provider application, restaurant owners can update the chatbot information. You can refer to the Guidelines or contact our customer service for further assistance.


Chatbot can send messages to customers when the service providers needs. Please contact GOnJOY for detailed instructions.

Customers can select the [Chat with Admin] button or find the phone number of the restaurant on the chatbot system

Chatbot is built on the needs of the masses of customers. If the business owner wishes to add or remove features, please contact GOnJOY for advices

In less than an hour, the Joybot Chatbot is ready to serve and enhance your customer experience.